For more then ten years now, the Unterbiberger Hofmusik mixes traditional bavarian Volcmusic with highclass Jazz.

“Sometimes a journey around the world takes 80 days, sometimes only a few minutes” Marcus Wölfle writes about the CD „Made in Germany“ of the Unterbiberger Hofmusik.

On their 7th CD „Bavaturka“, the Himpsls go in the direction of the Orient and take on Turkish Volktunes , sometimes practically not noticed of the audience some of it translated into bavarian. Together with the Solists Matthias Schriefl, Jay Ashby, the turkish musician Şeref Dalyanoğlu and a turkish choir they show how groovy cltural understanding can be.

For Christmas they did their Album „ Stern über Biburg“  in 2013.

2015 they released Bavaturka Vol. II, a continuation of their work deeper into turkish classical music and the possible connections to German tradition.